In the past we have catered to major events place at the NEC and NAC (National Agricultural Centre Stoneleigh, Kenilworth) where we have professionally prepared vehicles for Classic Car Auctions, Fire Engine Show, Horse Box Show and smaller shows displaying in car audio equipment.

We can cater for all your needs whether it is very detailed vehicle preparation, or maintenance type vehicle valeting.


Any vehicles that you require valeting on a regular or semi regular basis from weekly to quarterly. (Any longer time span is covered by the packages in the “return to glory“ section).

We cater for people who don’t necessarily have the time to clean their vehicles, people who are no longer physically able to do their vehicles, and main line car dealers who want to offer premium valeting services to their clients, whereby their normal car valetors don’t have the time, expertise or necessary equipment to do this.


This involves any preparation work that requires either a partial or very comprehensive restoration of your vehicles. Typically In this area I will:

  1. Prepare vehicles for sale, to maximize value.
  2. Restore vehicles to showroom condition that have been purchased in poor aesthetic condition.
  3. Vehicles that are being returned to a lease company, that have to be in showroom condition to avoid penalties.
  4. Used company cars that are being passed on to a new employee.
  5. Complete restoration and smart repair. A high quality, premium service typically chosen by customers who are prepared to invest in restoring cars to showroom condition.
  6. Paint Protection Systems such as Autoglym.  A system that protects the interior/exterior from ultraviolet rays, and other environmental fallout and spillages. Usually for brand new cars but can be for older vehicles as well.


Removal of unpleasant smells such as:

  • Cigarettes
  • Vomit
  • Milk
  • Mildew
  • Mould
  • Faeces
  • Dogs
  • Traffic fumes
  • Chemicals etc

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